Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Talvin Singh's Traveller

Starts off with 'The world is sad' and ends with these flute solos. Very moving and will touch anyone deep inside. Makes me think of a dispute raging between the mind and the self.
The flute solos in the end just make u cry. They touch you so deep inside. Tells you the tale of some far, forgotten people living in a far, forgotten land, tears all dried up, surviving with the pain crawling within.
It's a wonder how a simple instrument can make you think about so much. The flute just cries out and makes an appeal to someone, anyone, to listen to the woes, the pains of being lonely and watching your loved ones suffer across the deserts, the seas and acres and acres of land.
You would just get entwined within the tale and actully see it happening right infront of your eyes.

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Rajputro said...

I've heard a few from Talvin singh but not a whole album. And yeah they are great. Actualy violin and flute , these two are really mystic..
Any way I am shafi from orkut, in case if you don't recognize me..