Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Strings that Cry

I believe – that one day you will unveil those tears,
That you will smile and so will your eyes,
That you will feel the ice cracking beneath,
And won’t choke on the wishes that you make
Every sleepless night, upon the star that you pretend to see,
And let them flow free…

I believe – that one day the world will see
A clearer sky, a brighter sun, your soul
As refreshing as your dreams;

I know – you will pick up those pieces,
And build;
Will break the barriers within,
And feel...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wink in to the Mirror

Acording to a friend of mine called Rupom (well actually Rupom's mother), when you are really angry, absolutely fuming and can literally see smoke coming out of your ears, just look at yourself in the mirror..... and wink! It won't be long till you start smiling and grinning like an idiot. That is sure to cool you down a bit.
I tried that last night, it was hilarious. I looked hideous with my temper boiling within, with my hair standing straight on my head, my eyes big, round and steaming and lips pursed up together tightly. I forced myself to go 'wink' and could not stop myself from cracking up.
That's when I saw myself soften up, just a bit though. I was still mad as ever, though I did forget why I was angry and who I was mad at.
All in all, it was worth it.