Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Strings that Cry

I believe – that one day you will unveil those tears,
That you will smile and so will your eyes,
That you will feel the ice cracking beneath,
And won’t choke on the wishes that you make
Every sleepless night, upon the star that you pretend to see,
And let them flow free…

I believe – that one day the world will see
A clearer sky, a brighter sun, your soul
As refreshing as your dreams;

I know – you will pick up those pieces,
And build;
Will break the barriers within,
And feel...


Sumon said...

donno what to say... outstanding!!!

Yazdan Hoque said...

I dont get the ice cracking reference:S, otherwise, sweeeeeeet!:)

Anonymous said...

onek din pore I felt something. I have become a machine over the years and forgot how it feels to feel . .. .thank you

--- foo

simin said...'s sooo sad n heartwrenching..but so...encouraging at the same time...u get wat i mean?

onek josh...:)...

wat made u write it? there's ALWAYS a spark behind wat u write...wat was the spark?

Rajputro said...

nice one. But somehow it gave me the feeling of incompleteness.

Anila said...

Elita sweeti... it's a beautiful poem... loved it! I wonder what made you write this? Keep more of these coming for us girl!