Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Etched on Paper

You are a
Dancing in the
Misty rain;

A child
Filled with laughter,
Jingles, chocolates
And a sparkle in the eye;

A mother
With hands,
Soft and eyes,

A song
Sung in spring,
By the river
And over the hills;

A guitar strum,
Filling the heart with
Sweet memories of

Your laughter still
Tinkers in the hallways,
Your hum still
Echoes around.

The quick glances
And those ready smiles,
You glow everywhere
You go.

Words that flow from
The heart…
And I can still hear
You smiling.

--- Remembering Novera Deepita


Yazdan Hoque said...

Simply beautiful...;)

Pagol said...

it reminds me of beethoven's "moonlight sonata", weird, isnt it??!! May be i'm gonna start my own blog someday and explain it. Dear Elita karim, i wish u wud write this kinda stuff more often. Over & out...

srabanti said...

wow..that was beautiful... and heartwrenching. i dont know novera deepita, just read her articles, but reading your poem, i'm sure she must have been an amazing person to have sparked off such a beautiful piece of literature in u. best wishes and please do continue writing - we are yet to get an english writer from bangladesh to join the ranks of south asian writers who have taken over the literary world!

Anonymous said...

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