Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rock me to Sleep

Rock me to Sleep, before the wind blows in
And the spring flowers bloom to all their glory,
Before the sun shines through the leaves and
Lovers walk arm in arm down the brooke,
Before your smile fades away and tears dry up,
Before the sun rays touch your cheeks
And the dew drop and the petal,
Before you lose that twinkle in your eyes,
Lose the long gone memories,
Moments spent threading each dream.
Rock me to Sleep and have time standing still,
With a picture of you in my mind,
A face, now covered in wrinkles,
Yet elegant and innocent as ever before.
30th Jan 2006


Yazdan Hoque said...

ok ok, i suck at this, but why do u wanna sleep before the sping blossoms, arent u supposed to wake up when the spring comes in?:S

emran said...

elipuuuuu! too good yaar........i like all of them! but "strings that cry" ta shobcheye joss lagse! it has sth! onek sad....yet onek lively.....jossssss! :)

Yazdan Hoque said...

he's now 18 and was i think 15 - i know, he's a fucking genious

Anonymous said...


kobial said...

I got the link to your blog from the comment you left on Drishtipat blog. Among the poems I read here, I like this one the best.