Saturday, March 31, 2007

A weary-eyed cofession

I am SO PROUD of my abilities:D

I believe that I am a true communicator, or probably getting their soon. I can talk to people, smile at them, make them believe that the sun is really made of gold. My eyes can speak loud and clear, they define the all-worldly aura, pure sophistication, comprehension of the mind, soul and the heart. I understand. I am one of you. I am a part of you. I know how the world can get to you, sure, I have been there, done that. I am here for you. Look at me smiling out, shining and standing out in the crowd.

I am proud of my written word. Silence can sometimes work as a way out of many dilemmas; silence is strong, powerful. However, the written word takes over silence and gives it shape. You fix your points, defense and all the vocabulary you can gather. You make a list of your aims and targets and predict a probable future. You pick a point and talk about the pros and cons. I do that all the time, and smile at my success. The pen (in this case the keyboard) is indeed mightier than the sword.

But, you are too powerful for my words and all my worldly reasonings. I, thus, bow down to you, to your superior being, to the power of your dominance and the glamour that you showcase. You light up the dark with your stature, with a mere look, a shrug and a nod.

I suffocate yet I wonder at the space you create.

I bow down to you and look at you to write my fate . I now have silence for you, a peaceful and sweet silence for you to taste.

Now I belong to you.


Hoo said...

i hope this 'you' comes out in the open :P! or r u all for silence? but for how long :S

Hoo said...

this 'you' is you yourself rite? :D
or no...:S grrgrr...dyslexia getting on my head now!

Hoo said...

i wish i cud get in your head on this...:P

Elita Karim said...

this 'you' can be anything or anybody. it can be a particular person or it can even indicate a whole generation.
its how u do ur own interpretation.

but the question is, who r u and how long do u plan to play this 'i know u but u dont know me' game? i m sure u realise that i m too old to play this game and maybe so r u.

Hoo said...
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Emran said...


Elita Karim said...

SAMIT!!! uff... u ASS!! :) lol.... HOO kon deshi naam?? stupid... and eta ki bhai... eto secrecy?? lol...

Hoo said...



prolly american naam i dunno...:P
ar kothay secrecy, tumi toh shob vondul kore dila ajaira! lol

Anonymous said...

2plus2 2divided by2 2times2 all gives a answer what if there is a minus between the 2s then it is just 0...what if that you is scared of that,,so do u see what other chooses not to see,,what if pain is nothing to me but every thing to u ????????i wont shade a single tear how may will wash urs

Weatherman said...

"the written word takes over silence and gives it shape"

wow! Wow! WOW!!! (Y)(Y)

Anonymous said...

nice hoise.. but very untrue


mirza said...

hi elita

you may not remember me, but i was the doctor that you met at the intl womans day event in the scout HQ.

i was wondering if you could contact me as i have lost all cell phone number, and also because i am not in dhaka now.

i pray that you have a good memory as i am hoping that i can discuss with you some ideas for articles which i sadly did not have time to converse with you in dhaka.

my email address is:

i look forward to hearing from you


Anonymous said...

Elita my love, tomar post-ta eto joss chilo. It also reminds me of my favorite poem when I was a child--Phush phash gondhoraj, bhodbhotai gondho nai!

Or, in Sanskrit:

Padossho dhouraja
Tosshomontri tuntuni
Moloydomon phushki
Nisshobdo praanoghatika

Asha kori tumi bhaloi aso!!!


Anonymous said...

elita karim u r a jenius, and a true talent. plz keep it up, ur writtings i cant get over and reading it a 100 times. keep posting as i will b keep checking :)

Anonymous said...

Elita apu, love u so much for ur inner+outer beauty :) i will compare u only with Candice Night (Goddess of my spiritual-self!).
I really love it reading ur ideas here,specially the ones that have inner meanings. Being a fan of u, i will surely say its a rare+great chance for us to get close to ur thinkings :)
U wrote 'silence is powerful' n u showed that silence has a positive side. Asking pardon, i disagree with u here, silence was never strong in good way. Have u ever passed a silent night staring in the dark? Yeah silence does give 'written words a shape' but, its nothin but destructive! Silence is a limitation, that destroys spiritual strenth.
Hope u dont get bothered with my stupid personal opinion ;)
takecare n plz plz give us more songs like 'bristi' :)

Elita Karim said...


thank u very much for the nice comment.

i like ur idea about silence. its beautiful.

but i guess its just a matter of perception.


Spirit of Storm said...

U r welcome apu :)
thank u also for liking my idea :)
i didnt want to criticize ur writing,i just posted my opinion n yeah,it certainly is a matter of perception.
I love ur songs n especially ur Goddess-like voice so much! I dunno why it took me so long to find this blog since u left hi5! Anyway, anyhow, i found it now! :p:d surely u gonna hear(read) stupid things from me frm now on! :p eish! Iam talking much! :o
takecare beautiful apu :)

caesar said...

I was just surfing the net, especially looking at some works,Out of blue I visited your blog and read this piece.

I liked it all the way. This internet is an amazing enigma. If your blog is a house, I was an anoymous tired guest who was just wondering around. You gave an immense pleasure and comfort through this piece to an unknown guest.