Friday, July 10, 2009

A Self-obsessed Creative Analysis

A white page, or an empty blue-green glass on the table top
Strewn with debris – half-eaten chicken limbs, pulses and bread crumbs?
I am a kindergarten art book – grand and flying with colours.

A symphony, or a tune hummed by a couple in love
On a crazy, lazy afternoon, hiding from the world behind curtains?
I am the cacophony of notes, scales and skills – never coming to an agreement.

A tear, or a poignant tale of a long gone kingdom
With princes and princesses and knights on white horses?
I am just a helpless child with hopeless fairytale romances in her eyes.

A success story, or a corporate wearing an ironed tie
Over an ironed shirt tucked inside a pair of ironed trousers?
I am a struggler who starts over and over – again and again.

A petal, or a rose garden blooming in winter
In the foreign fields of a foreign country?
I am a bunch of wasted- bundles for sale.

I am not blood, thick enough to speak of
Generations of pride and legacy.
I am water stuck in a century-old well – green and creepy.


Anonymous said...

wow...beautiful writing apu.

'In a world of suffering why should i be so blessed?',the question could be other way around.

Demure Ingenue said...

Hey Elita...i kno u myt b very busy with ur lyf...but don u think blogging releases all ur stress n make ur fans happy ? cumon write atleast 1 a month...

u mayb be less caring bout a fan like ur fans do care bout u...dey want to communicate with u...dey want to kno,wut u want or u dont, wut u lik or dislik, wut u feel or u dont feel, dey want to read ur precious mind blowing, tear-jerking poems or articles u publish...

let me tel u a secret... i almost read all ur blogs today coz b4 i din kno dat it even existed...n i found out i was emotional, i cried...i cried coz ur writing was making me review my memories which was simply condensing all da water molecules in syd me n forcing it outsyd... i was crying coz yr 2006 was as devastating as japan's tsunami two days back, in my life...i was crying coz u write so nicely...n last of all i was crying coz u r so simple inside, u r a girl who likes Talvin n Shawshank Redemption, who misses her childhood lik other 10 kids, who feels 4 a poor girl, who stays out of all da chaos of lyf, n who is such a gr8 singer n not even proud of it...

One day mayb...i wud lik to be ur FRIEND...not ovr net or phn...but in real lyf...ur namez elita, u sing lik an excellent name chosen by ur parents..


harada57 said...
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