Saturday, December 30, 2006

Being me

It's time for me to fall from where I stand,
To get all clumsy and messy like I was once upon a time.

I will not hold back anymore and let it flow,
I will not smile and hurt my mouth.

I will let my bones melt and
Not keep my eyes open any longer.

I will stand on a running bus on its way to Chittagong.
I will swim the ocean to get to the other side.

I will break into pieces and
Scream out loud,
Jump up and down and
Roll on the ground.

I will sit in the rain for hours,
Catch a cold,
Get sun burnt,
Watch the stars,
Follow the moon where ever it goes (it used to follow me when I was younger).

I could simply fall asleep and never wake up,
I could jump off a cliff and never climb back up,
I could take a shower in my jeans,
I could run around naked on the street,
I could climb a tree and become a bat,
Watching the world upside down.

It’s time for me to fall from where I stand,
And walk around broken.


Anonymous said...

dont be sooo pessimistic!

Elita Karim said...

i m not! i m just being me..

Emran said...

is it possible to stop being yourself and be someone else all together? just chinta kortasilam....i guess possible. :S

Elita Karim said...

hey emran.... wel... changes do occur in every living being as the years come and go by... but one is stil him or herself... at least every night before going to sleep. didn't know u had a blog....

Emran said...

nop....amar kono blog nai to.

Sabrina F Ahmad said...

This is really beautiful. Sad, but beautiful. I wish I could do poetry