Sunday, July 01, 2007

Approaching the Battle Field

I am going to the impossible tonight.

No, I am not going jump off my third floor balcony and see if I can actually pull a Bionic Woman stunt. I don’t think I would scream out loud either, though I really want to. I so wish I could walk all the way to St. Martin’s and just go on walking till my legs get tired.

I am going to get everything back. My sanity, my sense of being, the genuine smile and enthusiasm over anything and everything under the sun.

I don’t think it’s silly to want to fly, sit on a cloud and watch the world down below. I want to believe that there will be world peace and eventually all men and women will be equal and there will be no more wars and we can all chase butterflies and paint flowers and make music. I want to believe in the goodness of mankind.

Curled up on a couch, reading Gone with the Wind in my pajamas and crying with Scarlet O’Hara, eating apples and mangoes from a bowl; its raining outside, making loud splashing sounds while the maid runs outside to get the freshly washed clothes from the line (sounds delicious, like freshly baked cakes!).

I remember brightening up every time I would get a whiff of the wet earth or burning leaves.

I am going to do the impossible tonight. It’s a step towards attaining inner peace. I’ll be getting closer to the spiritual being that keeps slipping away every other day.

I am going to clean my room tonight. God as my witness, no matter how long it takes, I will scrub every inch and throw every unnecessary bit of paper. A good beginning, indeed.


Spirit of Storm said...

I was scared at 1st! U r really entertaining :) cleaning out the room obviously is a battle. But i dont mind it when once in million years(!) ammu comes in my 'monkey cage' and start cleaning while shouting at me loudly! ;)
i liked the idea of flying..if i had wings i would fly across the ocean,over the hills..i could have the freedom like a bird and i would excavate all beauties of mother-earth..

Spirit of Storm said...

Talkin of flying..look what i found on Candice's site-

All these surveys ask, "What would you do if you could fly?"

I have to wonder. What would I do? Where would I go? I have to think about it for a while, but then it hits me.

If I could fly, I'd go across the ocean. I'd fly over that huge blue expanse of water and go to the Palace of Versailles, where there's a beautiful garden. From it, I would take the most beautiful red rose I could find, and I would bring it back for you so you could always have a little beauty.

Where to next, I wonder? The sky, where I would find the brightest star. I would put it in my pocket and bring it to you, so you could always have a little light in your life.

Then what? To Ireland, when it rains. I'd take a piece of the rainbow and hold it safe in a glass jar for you, with a little bit of the gold from the pot at the end, so you could always have a little luck to carry with you.

And then where? To a beautiful paradise, an island in the Caribbean. From there, I would take a bit of the sand and sun, so you could always have a little happiness.

Next, I'd fly to Heaven, and take from it a piece of the clouds, so you could always have a little hope to keep you going.

And lastly, I'd fly to you, to give you my heart, my soul, my love, so you'll always remember me.

isnt it dreamy? :)
takecare apuni :)

Anonymous said...

I believe in neer that i am call amar prithibi. Parvez

kashfi said...

how did cleaning actually go? ammu ki bollo?