Sunday, July 15, 2007

Old Age and Trunks

I think I am going to have one of those days again, when hardly anything goes right. For one thing, I have to finish at least half of my cover story today, attend this boring Shakespeare class at 6 pm and then go all the way to Dhanmondi where I have to join my friends at Gazi's sister's holud.

Even two years ago, this would have been just any other day. Getting up in the morning, attending a number of classes (let's ignore the bunking period, sitting and moping at Bashori!), going to work, assignments, homework, student activity clubs, exams, shows, phone calls, the plastic smiles and I could go on and on and on. And now, I simply can't manage a day where I can probably count off the things that I need to do on my fingers! I guess this is what you call old age?

I doubt it. I am turning 25 in September 2007, and that’s not really old, is it? Kaushik da says that once you turn 25, you lose track of time and suddenly see yourself as a 40-year-old. Ok now that’s scary!

The days are turning out to be so drab and depressing. Is it because of the heat? I wonder. This heat makes me crazy and mad and makes me want to do crazy things like, cutting my hair off! Now why would that be something crazy??

I have this eerie sensation of this huge trunk, weighing on top of my head, filled with things that I need to sort out before taking the next step. It's getting heavier and heavier by the moment and I don’t know when it will just burst open and spill everything on the ground. Things would get messier. Maybe I should think about fixing and sorting out the trunk as soon as possible, before it becomes all the more unbearable.

Going back to work.


andy said...

Ah, yes.. i so well identify that trunk myself too. And i do the same thing to deal with it, write about it on my blog and feel good for a while about having kickstarted the clearing process. and before i know it, old age has caught up with me and nothings changed except to get messier.
Hope your spring cleaning goes better :)

Anonymous said...

Well...heat wave can easily be a thing to make 'any' ppl aggressive n also sumtym depressive too.
Turnin 25 i dnt think is like being an old sounds lil dizzy...
Maybe its like a heavy force of experiences...knowin 2 much things n a silent step to a new life..

Jhony said...

Hi, Elita you writting is fasciniting!!you probably can't remember me. I met you in 1991 or was it 1993? (see how sharp my memory is!!!) I'm Jhony, currently staying in Florida U.S. I remember pulling your gorgeous long hair and still remember that screaming sound "ouch"!! Remember your Alamgir Vhiya? I'm his sister in law. No clue huh!!I'm so glad to see you where you are today. Give me a buzz if you remember me or simply just want to chit chat. So much to share....that of course if you are willing to...

take care!!!

Emran said...

i'll be 25 soon! :S