Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Watch Me Grow

I believe its human nature to somehow take the good things in life for granted and forever mope around the not so good things in life. We tend to put aside our blessings, thinking of counting them another day, while running after things probably never meant for us in the first place.

It was a wonderful day today. People, who I had thought were lost, somehow came back into existence. Phone calls, text messages, e-cards, not to mention gifts all the way from kangaroo land and wonderful surprises the whole day.

A few of my crazy friends barged into my office with cake and flowers crawling with insects and sang to me. I was trying to be not embarrassed in front of colleagues who were trying to seem all indifferent towards the crazy situation. Some were desperately trying to sing along with my friends while chewing on to chicken bones. I got lots of hugs today, sweet words and wishes for a long and prosperous life. One even held up his hands, praying to the almighty; let this be the year of a ‘prince in shining armour’ to finally enter my life and sweep me off my feet. Sigh! The day ended with yet another birthday cake, with melting candles and three completely new friends at CafĂ© Mango Gulshan.

It suddenly feels like I am shedding my worn-out skin and watching the new one taking place with sparkles and hope in my eyes. I never imagined turning 25 without some friends who don’t seem to exist now at all. I guess I will have to do with the new skin on my back.

I will start over and learn everything from scratch. Counting sun rays through the curtains of my windows will be a thrill once again, and the moon would surely be following me around every night. Darkness will scare me out of my wits and it would be a thrill to make a new friend all over.

Living life would be an exhilarating experience all over, and I am willing to take a chance. Not giving up as yet, so watch while I fill the space with my stupidity, while you fill yours with vengeance.


Anonymous said...

Life is amazing!
Love u.

Prometheus_Unbound said...

Very apt. Birthdays are like that.